Since 1976 Hoot has constantly striven to elevate the standards of both professionalism and treatment performance in the onsite industry.

Unlike our competition we just don't meet standards, we set them. The NSF Standard 245 Certified Hoot-ANR is the First and Only System to beat the EPA Drinking Water Standard of 10mg/L.

Every Day Hoot Systems all over the United States Treat and Recycle over 50 Million Gallons of Sewage a Day. The Equavalent of the daily flow of wastewater producted by the residents of the entire State of Wymoing. Since our founding, Hoot Systems has treated and recycled over 200 Billion gallons of water.


Energy Effiency Our Average Residential System draws less current than a 100 watt Light bulb, costing less than 25 cents a day to operate.

Concrete Construction - Our tanks are made and supported by local precasters who obtain their materials of cement, sand and gravel locally, not internationally, which has a minimum of embodied energy requirement.

Recycled Content Our Polyethelene Hopper, the largest piece other than what is made of concrete utilizes both pre and post Consumer wastes.

Hoot Systems are the most Environmentally Responsible Choice for your Family and Our Environment.


Hoot H-SeriesTM
We offer top of the line performace for areas that need BOD, TSS and Pathogen Reduction.

Hoot Basic Nitrogen Reduction (Hoot-BNR) TM
The Hoot-BNR adds a 50% Nitrogen Reductiuon to the Performance of H-Series Product Line.

Hoot Advanced Nitrogen Reduction (Hoot-ANR) TM
The Hoot-ANR offers the most advanced level of treatment avaliable, with Standardized Test results in upwards of 85% TN Reduction.

Our "Original" LA-Hoot offers a basic Level of BOD and TSS reduction.

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